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Amber Specimens From Chiapas, Mexico

Amber is a fossil resin, a fragile and aromatic gem from deep in the caves of Chiapas. Originating from many different species of trees and plants that populated this Mayan land some 25 to 40 million years ago. From the very first civilizations, supernatural properties were attributed to amber as it was associated with different cults and religious practices. Before the Spanish conquest occurred in the 16th Century, some towns in Mexico and Central America used amber to honor the great warriors who feared neither war nor death.

It was the regions of Simojovel and Totolapa in the state of Chiapas that provided the fossil resin to towns throughout Mesoamérica. In Simojovel the existence of a deep rooted artisan tradition and a prosperous economy was based on commerce of amber resin. Simojovel is located in the region of mountains north of Chiapas, it is a humid, rainy territory, surrounded by steep mountainous areas who's peaks reach up to two thousand meters above sea level. There are dozens of amber deposits located in those mountains, unfortunately alot of the areas were washed away or buried in mud from the 2005 through 2007 hurricanes.

Fossil Amber
Faceted Freeform

Size: 26.5mm x 12mm x 6mm
Weight: 1.9 grams
Price: $9.00 usd

Product No. AM048

Fossil Amber
with Plant Inclusion

Size: 24mm x 13mm x 5mm
Weight: 1.3 grams
Price: $12.00 usd

Product No. AM061

Light Chiapas Amber

Size: 19.5mm x 11mm x 5mm
Weight: 0.9 grams
Price: $8.00 usd

Product No. AM071

Honey Amber
Facet Cab

Size: 17mm x 10mm x 4mm
Weight: 0.8 grams
Price: $7.00 usd

Product No. AM054

Clear Fossil Amber
Chiapas Gem

Size: 19.5mm x 12mm x 6mm
Weight: 1.3 grams
Price: $10.00 usd

Product No. AM062

Gemmy Amber
Fossil Stone

Size: 26mm x 14.5mm x 6mm
Weight: 1.8 grams
Price: $10.00 usd

Product No. AM045

Fossil Amber
Cabochon Stone

Size: 23.5mm x 13mm x 6mm
Weight: 1.3 grams
Price: $10.00 usd

Product No. AM067

Fossil Amber
Button Cabachon

Size: 17mm x 16.5mm x 5mm
Weight: 1.0 grams
Price: $8.00 usd

Product No. AM059

Gemmy Amber
Faceted Stone

Size: 18mm x 11mm x 7mm
Weight: 1.6 grams
Price: $8.00 usd

Product No. AM051

Light Fossil Amber
Mexico Specimen

Size: 16mm x 14mm x 8mm
Weight: 1.3 grams
Price: $10.00 usd

Product No. AM060

Since late 2014, Chiapas Amber prices have taken a dramatic rise. Narcos have taking over and are charging farmers / miners a percentage to mine and sell their Amber. The Mexican Government turns a blind eye to this corruption, as is the culture of our country. Prices are expected to continue to rise in 2015. Our prices will not increase on current online inventory, but new Amber specimens will face a stiff price increase of 25% to 45% depending on our bargaining power.

Mexican Fossil Amber
Cabochon Gem

Size: 20mm x 19mm x 6.5mm
Weight: 2.3 grams
Price: $12.00 usd

Product No. AM041

Clear Honey Amber
Cab Mexico

Size: 24mm x 12mm x 6.5mm
Weight: 1.3 grams
Price: $10.00 usd

Product No. AM069


Honey Amber
Mexican Cab

Size: 22mm x 12.5mm x 5mm
Weight: 1.1 grams
Price:$10.00 usd

Product No. AM068

Honey Amber
Cabochon Gem

Size: 29mm x 19mm x 5mm
Weight: 2.0 grams
Price: $12.00 usd

Product No. AM042


Amber comes in many different colors from yellow (honey), to cognac, burgundy red, deep blood red, a glowing lime green and the very rare blue resin specimens. They vary in hardness, but most amber is approximately 2.5 on the hardness scale. They sometimes come with inclusions according to its mixture with the earth, leaf, moss debris and insects - which are the most sought after by collectors world wide. Used as adornment, amber protects the indigenous people from "bad vibrations" as well as purifies the spirit, keeps away disease and is used by healers and shamans alike in prehispanic times and today.

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